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Many of the things we've done to the pop up over the years. 

Here's a .pdf of my 1994 Owner's Manual.
It's a large file so it takes a bit to open

Owners Manual

Repairs and Modifications seem to be the information most pop up owners seek out. Yes we've only owned one pop up, but Tim has been following several pop up websites for years, learning different tricks and mods. His knowledge got so good he began writing articles for Pop Up Times magazine before they folded.  
For ease of searching, here is an alphabetical list of the many things that you may need info about. Some things may be actual mods or repairs we've done, others are from my knowledge base and research.
If there's anything you think needs added to this list, let me know and I will do my best to get info.
As always, if you have a question about your pop up feel free to drop me an email.

Air ConditioningA/C BraceAwnings
Cable RepairChairsCoolers
Door Handle
ElectricalExterior Lights
FaucetFire Starters
Gray Tank
Interior Lights
Porta Potty
Random HintsRefrigerator SwapRoof Repair
Seat Foam ReplacementStereo ModStorageSpring Tube Replacement
Water ProofingWater Tank DrainWinterizing Mod
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