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Random Pop Up Thoughts

To keep your pop up dry during storage open a bag of cheap charcoal inside. Place it in a large garbage bag on the floor. The charcoal absorbs moisture. Afterwards just toss the charcoal or use it for a campfire.

Never use a pressure washer to clean your pop up. The high pressure can blow caulk out of the seams, causing leaks. Water can also get into vents or hatches. 

For washing your pop up I recommend a car wash soap and a soft brush. On the front of ours I've used Bug & Tar remover and a steel wool pad to get off road tar and bugs.

Tires are rated for specific speeds. Driving too fast can lead to premature blowouts and tire wear. Know you tire rating!

Axles are also rated to carry just so much weight. Loading the pop up over this rating can cause bent frames and improper tire wear.

Weight added at the back bumper CAN cause sway when towing. Consider alternative placement of bikes, coolers, etc. 

Be a good camper, keep it clean! Don't burn paper or throw plastic bottles in the fire pit. Like the old rule, Leave nothing but your footprints, leave it cleaner than when you arrived. 

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