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It's How We Like to Camp!

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Many of the links I use for shopping or information for pop up parts. is the Great Lakes Pop Up Camping Club. It includes the states surrounding the Great Lakes- Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. We are members, but not real active as the group activity has slowed down.

Popup Camper Owners is the FaceBook group that has a lot of followers. Finding answers there is usually quicker than any of the pop up forums. You do have to be a FaceBook member and get permission to join the group. 

Pop Up Explorer is a site we've haunted for years. This is where we found ideas for repairing the roof, and many other mods. This is a community site so you need to register with a user name and password to see everything. 

PopUpPortal is another forum for owners of pop-ups. This site is huge, and if there is anything you need to know about a pop-up camper this is the place. The files contain almost every campers owner manual and much more.

Goshen Stamping Inc. are the people who make the lift systems for a lot of different pop up campers. They offer help to anyone with a Goshen Lift system, no matter how old. is a place where we buy some parts and tires. Great service, best prices and fast shipping from these guys.

Trailer Parts Superstore is another good place to buy parts and tires.

Custom Cylinders International one of the best sites for info on pop-up lift systems. Goshen, Jayco and Coleman systems all explained with drawings.

J.C. Whitney is still open and has some RV parts.

TV-Fool is a site where you can locate nearby television stations. This is good if you use any type of digital antenna, like ours. See the TV page for more on that.

Foam Factory has the lowest prices I've found on replacement foam for seats and bunks. They offer a good explaniation on types of foam too.

Automatic Mosquito Control systems is a DIY device to eliminate biting bugs around your property.

Of course I use Amazon and eBay a lot to find bargains on camping supplies. Our last set of tires came from an eBay seller at a better price than other retailers. The date code on the tires was less than 6 months old.

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