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It's How We Like to Camp!

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Welcome to our website
We have owned our 1994 Dutchmen 1002XS since it was brand new. Over the years we have made many memories, traveled to many places and learned a lot about camping in a pop up camper. So we decided it was time to share some of our experiences with the rest of the world.
Our camping history goes way back to childhood when Donna camped with her parents in various types of campers. Tim began camping with the scouts and then with an aunt. We tent camped while we were dating, but there's a story from one night that maybe shouldn't be repeated. Oh heck, check the Stories page to see what happened on our first camping trip.
We bought our pop up when our two youngest were just 6 and 4 years old. We wanted to introduce the kids to camping, and knew a tent wouldn't cut it anymore. Now we camp with them and our grandchildren.
So feel free to look around our website. We have some funny stories, pictures from places we've visited, some repairs and mods done over the years and much more. I'll keep adding to the site as new repairs or mods are tackled and we visit different campgrounds.
Hope you enjoy!
Tim & Donna 

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Ready to camp again in 2007 after the roof repair

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